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Visiting Scholars

  Name Department & University Research Presentation at IRES
Professor Abdullah Yavas
Wisconsin School of Business Adverse Selection in Private Mortgage Securitization - Evidence from Loss Given Default
Associate Professor Zhang Junfu
Clark University Land Conversion and Misallocation across Cities in China
Associate Professor Cathy Yang Liu
Georgia State University Migrant Entrepreneurship in China: Entry Dynamics and Firm Performances
Professor Chen Xi
Yale University Does Money Relieve Depression? Evidence from Social Pension Eligibility
Associate Professor Nathaniel Baum-Snow
University of Toronto Accounting for Central Neighbourhood Change
Professor Jan K. Brueckner
University of California, Irvine Optimal Sharing of Interest-Rate Risk in Mortgage Contracts: The Effects of Potential Prepayment and Default
Professor Robert Van Order
George Washington University Mortgage Delinquency and Default: A Tale of Two Options
Dr Maggie Hu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Melting Pot or Salad Bowl: Cultural Distance and Housing Investments
Professor Michael Haliassos
Goethe University Frankfurt Financial Literacy Externalities
Professor Jacob Vigdor
University of Washington Immediate Impacts of the City of Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance
Professor Mathias Hoffmann
University of Zurich Safe as houses?
Housing as a store of value and its impact on consumption in China

Professor Marlon Boarnet
University of Southern California Driving reduction after the introduction of light rail transit: Evidence from an experimental control group evaluation of the Los Angeles Expo Line
Dr Hoonsuk Park
Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University
Household Savings and Mortgage Default
Professor Kiyohiko Nishimura
University of Tokyo (I) Aging, Inflation and Property Prices
(II) Aging and Property Prices: Theory of a very long run and prediction of Japanese Municipalities in the 2040s

Dr Nikodem Szumiko
University of Cambridge The Spatial Impact of Employment Centres on Housing Markets
Assistant Professor Ma Chao
Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) & School of Economics, Xiamen University Estimating a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model with Partial Observability for Household Mortgage Default and Prepayment Behaviours
Professor Michael Ball
Henley Business School, University of Reading Brexit and Its Implications for Real Estate Markets
Associate Professor Jiro Yoshida
Department of Risk Management, Penn State Smeal College of Business Structure Depreciation and the Production of Real Estate Services
Professor Fang Hanming
Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania Multidimensional Private Information, Market Structure and Insurance Market

The Dynamics of Subprime Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Default A Structural Estimation
Assistant Professor Li Ben
Department of Economics, Boston College International Geopolitics
Professor Wang Jiang
Mizuho Financial Group Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management Liquidity and Asset Pricing: Theory and Empirics
Associate Professor Tsuriel Somerville
Director, UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate Immigration and Real Estate Returns

Negative Externalities of Density: My Neighbour's New House

Absolute vs. Relative Utility: Building Height, Views, and Status
Dr Jan Schmitz
ETH in Zurich, Switzerland Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences Social Norms and Strategic Default
Professor David C. Ling
McGurn Professor of Real Estate, Director, Master of Science in Real Estate Program, Hough Graduate School of Business, University of Florida Geographic Portfolio Allocations, Property Selection, and Performance Attribution in Public and Private Real Estate Markets
Professor Roland Fuess
Department of Real Estate Finance, University of St. Gallen Member of Board, Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance s/bf-HSG and of The School of Finance Learning Externalities in Opaque Asset Markets: Evidence from International Commercial Real Estate

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