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Mr Xu Mingying
Department of Real Estate, NUS

Localized knowledge spillover, social interaction and innovation: The Case of Biopolis in Singapore


7 May 2012, Monday


12.30pm - 2.00pm


RMI Executive Seminar Room


This case study focus on the effect of knowledge spillover associated with intra-industry externality (Marshallian externality) through social interaction channel by investigating the relation among patent innovations, paper publications and paper co-authorship in Biopolis, which is Singapore's biomedical institutes cluster. Social interaction that could be enhanced by spatial proximity may raise localized knowledge spillover so that increase innovative productivity.

Using the official publication data and National Survey of R&D from A*STAR, the analysis of descriptive data shows a general graph of knowledge production in Biopolis. My initial result I indicates social interaction that uses co-authorship as the proxy increased through these ten years after Biopolis launch in 2002. After controlling labor mobility, R&D expenditure and star scientists, I find that the impact of co-authorship on publication production is positive and significant.

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