Research Interests

Given the megatrend shifts in Asia of increased urbanisation, ageing population and technological innovations influencing consumer behavior, these form the basis for the GLP Research Centre to support in-depth research and study on the longer term growth and sustainability of the logistic sector and related issues ranging from land use, planning and governance to economic development and capital markets innovation, from a multi-disciplinary perspective incorporating robust scientific rigour. The focus, objectives and activities of the GLP Research Centre may change over time in line with shifts in trends and current issues affecting Asia real estate. However, the intention is that the GLP Research Centre initially focus on:

–  Evolution dynamics of China’s logistics and real estate markets

–  Planning, policies and regulation on logistics real estate and land

–  Human capital and leadership development

–  Urbanization, demographics and sustainability issues

The GLP Research Centre plan and organize research and thought leadership activities to engage international academia and business communities, as well as mulita-stakeholders from governments and private enterprises. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

–  Regular working paper series, research projects and outcome briefings

–  Hosting of visiting scholars

–  Industry leaders forums

–  Inputs on policy formulation

–  Annual research symposiums

–  Industry networking sessions


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