–  Does CPF Help to Save Enough for the Retirement?

–  Private Residential Price Indices in Singapore: A Matching Approach

–  Matching Indices for Thinly-Traded Commercial Real Estate in Singapore

–  Effects of Construction Activities on Residential Electricity Consumption: Evidence from Singapore’s Public Housing Estate

–  Thy Neighbour’s Misfortune: Identifying the Peer Effect on Consumption

–  Speculative Investors and Transactions Tax in the Housing Market

–  Consumption and Debt Response to Unanticipated Income Shocks

–  The Composition Effect of Consumption around Retirement

–  Impact of Electronic Road Pricing on Real Estate Prices in Singapore

–  Political Insider Trading in the Singapore Housing Market

–  Disguised Form of Corruption: Evidence from Consumer Credit in China

–  The Labor Supply Decisions of Singaporean Cab Drivers

–  Foreign Liquidity to Real Estate Market: Ripple Effect and Housing Price Dynamics

–  Conspicuous Consumption and Consumer Indebtedness in Singapore

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