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The Role of Capital Markets and REITs in Real Estate Industry Transition

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) hosted a closed-door C-suite-only Round Table Forum, titled "The Role of Capital Markets and REITs in Real Estate Industry Transition" in the evening of 16th June 2016 at the JingAn Shangri-La hotel in Shanghai, China. This by-invitation-only Forum saw the diverse participation of well-respected industry leaders and representatives. It comprises some of the very top minds in the real estate industry.

The real estate sector in China is undergoing significant changes, with local government finance and land sales reforms. The introduction of value-added taxation comes amidst a transition of the main engines of economic growth away from investment and exports towards domestic consumption. Correspondingly, the Chinese real estate industry is looking towards the financial and capital markets to support these evolving and emerging trends, and the continued growth of the sector.

Welcome remarks by Professor Deng Yongheng Director of IRES

Professor Deng Yongheng, Director of IRES, and Head of the NUS Department of Real Estate opened the session with a welcome address.

Alongside Dr. James Geng Jing (President and the Chairman of the Board of Greenland Financial Holdings Group), the other fire-starter who sparked and fuelled the table discussions that evening was Mr Tan Ser Ping (former CEO of Ascendas Funds Management Singapore Limited). These fire-starter speeches provided insights into the extent in which real estate securitization and real estate funds/REITs can play as vital components of the financing continuum. These speeches framed the context of the debate amongst the floor where participants offered varying opinions on the role of the financial and capital markets in China’s real estate industry.

First fire-starter presentation by Dr. Geng Jing
Chairman & President
Greenland Financial Holdings Group

Second fire-starter presentation by Mr Tan Ser Ping
Former CEO
Ascendas Funds Management (Singapore) Limited

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