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NUS Real Estate Breakfast Roundtable Discussion

"The impact of US-China trade tensions and inflation on global real estate markets"

25th Sep 2018
Marina One East Tower

NUS Real Estate organized a Breakfast Roundtable discussion that engaged members of the real estate community in an exchange of views on the topic “The impact of US-China trade tensions and inflation on global real estate markets”.

This Breakfast Roundtable forms part of a series of Roundtable discussions that seek to provide platforms for industry leaders and subject matter experts in the academia to come together to share insights and perspectives. Such forums also provide common interaction spaces that encourage the cross fertilization of ideas among industry peers.

The Chairman of the NUS Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies (IREUS), Dr. Seek Ngee Huat, kicked off the session by delivering the opening address.

Ms. Megan Greene (Global Chief Economist, Manulife) reframed the topic and presented her insights on US and the global economy, looking into aspects of the business cycle and productivity growth, amongst others. Key indicators such as interest rates and the trend of yield curve portending the outlook on global growth were also deliberated upon. Aside from discussions on the global economic outlook and possible growth trajectories, discussions across the table also brought to bear the impact of these scenarios on the real estate industry.

A/P Sing Tien Foo, Director of IREUS, moderated the discussions.

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