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Industry Outreach And Events

Being a part of the National University of Singapore, IRES has unparalleled access to world-class executive education resources, reputable trainers and progressive teaching tools to tailor customized training solutions for your specific requirements.

Combining premier educational expertise, high impact research and industry knowledge, our executive programmes are designed to strengthen industry skills and capabilities for greater organizational effectiveness and performance.



NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2019 on 8th February

Building a Fulfilling Real Estate Career Overseas: Challenges and Opportunities

NUS Real Estate Public Lecture 2019 on 23rd January

We live in a world of constant flux and innovative disruption brought on by technology and AI that cater and adapt to the demands of the ever changing consumer and market trends. Even our brick and mortar real estate industry is not immune to this disruption. We look at how these trends together with the advent of technology affect the way we live work and play.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2019 on 22nd January

With the rapid advancement of digitization and new technologies, how can one adopt technologies to meet the business demands, performance indicators and more? What is the real value of innovations to the RE cycle? How does one discern between a fad and real business case?


Sino-Singapore Collaboration: Building Future Cities in the Era of Big Data Forum on 11th December

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 30th October

From 2017 to the first half of 2018, Singapore experienced one of the hottest enbloc sale fever. The number of large developments that were eyeing for the billion-dollar enbloc sale price tags increased. As the enbloc sale fever grew hotter, the prices of land and residential property increased as well, lending hope for more mega deals.

NUS Real Estate Public Lecture 2018 on 24th October

This presentation introduces several key themes that are important in the planning and making of sustainable high-density communities and highlights a couple of projects that the speaker led in recent years.

CLC lecture: Sharing Success: Partnering the Private Sector in Development on 4th October

The increasingly sophisticated private real estate sector can spur more innovation in the future transformation of Singapore, says Dr Seek Ngee Huat. The chairman of the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Real Estate Studies makes a case for why the private sector should have a bigger say in the development of a city and the ingredients required for a successful partnership.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 4th October

Using the experience garnered from the campus project, Felix will share the several lessons learnt from the project, on why professionals today need to be more involved in Pro Bono works and what value this brings to the table for both the professionals and the local community alike.

NUS Real Estate Breakfast Roundtable Discussion on 25th September

NUS Real Estate organized a Breakfast Roundtable discussion that engaged members of the real estate community in an exchange of views on the topic "The impact of US-China trade tensions and inflation on global real estate markets".

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 20th September

The great thing about the retail market is that it impacts everyone. Almost everyone buys things, whether online, or in malls, or at your local hawker centre. And as a result, everyone has a view on what is going on in the market!

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 4th September

The speaker will walk you through how he 'stumbled' into it and how the transformation will create unprecedented opportunities for the next generation.

NUS Real Estate Public Lecture 2018 on 31st August

This presentation has explored how technological developments are revolutionising the way we plan and build our cities, our buildings and the underlying shifts towards higher green performance as the only way forward.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 23rd August

The speaker would examine contrasting investment trends within the region and globally. As property prices reach elevated levels, which markets stand out? Which sectors are outperforming? To help interpret these market shifts, Real Capital Analytics will discuss some new analytical tools which look in detail at how changing levels of liquidity and transactional activity can possibly be a precursor to changing prices.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 21st August

This Lecture looks at the role of technology in the real estate industry and its impact on (i) consumers, and (ii) real estate professionals. In relation to this, the case study of a U.S. real estate business entity, Compass, as a disruptor, would also be examined.

NUS Real Estate Public Lecture 2018 on 30th May

This lecture on "Globalising the Real Estate Fund Management Business" explores the new norms that real estate fund managers grapple with and how they react to the waves of change, be it from investor demand, property cycles or the digitisation of real estate.

NUS Real Estate Breakfast Roundtable Discussion on 24th May

NUS Real Estate organized a Breakfast Roundtable discussion that engaged members of the REIT community in an exchange of views on the topic "Why Are US REITs Going Abroad?".

NUS IRES REITs Executive Programme on 9th and 10th April

An executive programme focusing on "Emerging Trends in Asia-Pacific REIT Markets" was rolled out by the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES). Close to 30 real estate and finance industry professionals participated in the 1½ day programme.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 5th April

How will consumers buy, sell or rent properties in future? What is the government's Real Estate Transformation Map (REITM) all about? What skills do real estate professionals need to be equipped with, to be able to thrive in a disruptive environment? The key question is, "Are you prepared?"

NUS Real Estate Public Lecture 2018 on 23rd March

This Lecture on "Shaping of Future Cities" looks into the possibility of what a future city would be like. New trends and factors, including technology, are reshaping our future cities. This requires our future city planners, architects and policy-makers to explore alternative / provocative concepts as well as implementation policies and processes for such cities of the future.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 22nd March

Real estate funding has similarly become increasingly internationalised and complex. Given the differing regulatory, legal and operating environments in various geographical markets, appropriate real estate funding strategies and structures are crucial to the success of real estate investments and in achieving the targeted returns.

NUS Real Estate Nurturing Young Leaders 2018 on 22nd February

This seminar seeks to provide an overview of Corp Real Estate and how it operates in the business world and in major companies such as Unilever, from an end to end delivery standpoint beginning with Real Estate strategy formulation and execution, to construction project management (PM), and ending with daily facilities (FM) operations.

NUS Real Estate Public Lecture 2018 on 30th January

This Lecture on 'Singapore's International Real Estate Experience and Beyond' looks into the evolution of the real estate industry in Singapore and the trends and factors that could shape its future.

NUS - SHUFE Joint China Forum 2018

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) and the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE) jointly organized a Forum on 25th January, 2018. The forum looks at "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and their impact on China's economic growth".


Forum and Book Launch of Kiasunomics

Forum and Book Launch of Kiasunomics: Stories of Singaporean Economic Behaviours

NUS IRES Industry Forum

Theme: There's No Place like Home: Local Asset Concentration, Information Asymmetries and Commercial Real Estate Returns

2017 Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium

2017 Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium jointly organized by University of Cambridge, University of Florida and National University of Singapore (NUS). The Symposium will be held on September 22-23, 2017 in Singapore.

Making an appointment in NUS

This past August, two IMBA students and one IMBA alumnus embarked on their new journey at the RBS-NUS MSc Real Estate Double Degree Program (DDP) in Singapore. Officially launched on April 28, 2017, this is the first cohort for the DDP.

NUS-IRES Director Professor Deng Yongheng Conducted a Lecture on Real Estate Finance Innovation

SDE Greater Good Series 2017 Successful Community Ageing-in-Place

Population ageing is a global phenomenon in which the most sustainable form leverages on community-centric support for elderly residents in the neighbourhood. The three aspects of environment, health and social are active components integral to successful community ageing-in-place. This Greater Good Series event presents the key issues pertaining to our environment that promote active ageing in Singapore.

The launch of the Double Degree Programme MSc (Real Estate) – MBA Jointly offered by NUS and Renmin University of China

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

To discuss how a neighbourhood can facilitate and build its resilience, researchers, policy-makers and professionals in the field of urban planning gathered for a workshop on 7 April titled “Building Resilient Neighbourhoods: The Convergence of Policies Research and Practice”. The one-day workshop was organised by the Institute of Policy Studies Social Lab and NUS Design and Environment’s Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities (CSAC).

Public Forum "Sino-Singapore Joint Governmental Projects"


Suzhou International Finance Forum 2016 Sino-Singapore Cross-Border Financial Cooperation and Development: 21 November 2016

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) Global Logistic Properties (GLP) Research Centre, in collaboration with the NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute and the Office of Finance of Suzhou City Government, organized a Suzhou International Finance Forum on 21st Nov 2016. This event was supported by the Suzhou Industrial Park Finance Management and Service Bureau.

China's New Urbanization Forum 2016 Innovations in the Transformation and Development of China's Urbanization: 20 November 2016

'China's New Urbanization Forum 2016' was held on the 20th of Nov at Jinling Guanyuan International Hotel Suzhou, China.

The Future of REITs: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by REITs in Asia ex-Japan: 18 November 2016

In conjunction with the Fortune Times REITs Pinnacle Award 2016, the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) assisted in co-organizing a Forum on "The Future of REITs: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by REITs in Asia ex-Japan" on the 18th of Nov 2016 at the Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa.

Changing the Game – The Internet of Things and Real Estate: 6 October 2016

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) jointly organized a Thought-Leadership Roundtable on 6 October 2016, Singapore. This Thought-Leadership event was the first in a series of an annual IRES-ULI Roundtable. This event provides a fitting platform for C-suite executives and leading academics to congregate and share, debate and dissect present-day issues as well as emerging challenges over the horizon.

World Cities Summit 2016:Thematic Track on 'Financing a Sustainable Urban Future': 13 July 2016

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies co-hosted a thematic track in World Cities Summit 2016 on the 13th of July at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This was organized in partnership with Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The Role of Capital Markets and REITs in Real Estate Industry Transition: 16 June 2016

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) hosted a closed-door C-suite-only Round Table Forum, titled “The Role of Capital Markets and REITs in Real Estate Industry Transition” in the evening of 16th June 2016 at the JingAn Shangri-La hotel in Shanghai, China. This by-invitation-only Forum saw the diverse participation of well-respected industry leaders and representatives comprising some of the very top minds in the real estate industry from both the private and public sectors.

Financial and Capital Management of REITs: A Strategic Perspective 20 May 2016

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) hosted an Industry Forum in the afternoon of 20th May, titled: "Financial and Capital Management of REITs: A Strategic Perspective". This Forum is the 3rd in the series of an initiative driven by NUS Real Estate’s Research Focus Group. There was overwhelming response to the event which saw the diversified participation of well-respected industry leaders and representatives from the private and public sectors. The participation of leading scholars from the academia also added to the vibrancy of discussions at the event.

NUS Book Traces Progress of Real-Estate Sector: 3 March 2016

NUS Real Estate organized a book launch event on 9th March 2016 at The University Club, Shaw Foundation Alumni House.Jointly produced by the NUS Department of Real Estate and the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies, the book: "Singapore's Real Estate: 50 Years of Transformation", was part of efforts in commemorating Singapore's 50 years of nation building.

REIT FORUM: 26 January 2016

NUS Real Estate kicked-off the new year with a REIT Forum on the 26th of January 2016. The event was organized by NUS Real Estate's Research Focus Group on Real Estate & Capital Markets. It aims to foster closer interaction between leading experts from the industry and the academia.

NUS Real Estate Career Seminar 2016: 15 January 2016

NUS Real Estate organized a Career Seminar on the 15th of January 2016. Mr Alan Miyasaki, Senior Managing Director of Blackstone, delivered the distinguished guest lecture on the topic "Something A Little Different - The Real Estate Private Equity Sector". The lecture was followed by a dialogue session with the students.


IRES Researcher Assistant Professor Cristian Badarinza Presented at AREUEA-AFA conference in San Francisco: 3-5 January 2016

The conference took place in San Francisco between 3-5 January 2016 and Dr Cristian Badarinza’s session was a joint session by the American Finance Association (AFA) and the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA).

International Symposium on Housing and Financial Stability in China: 18-19 December 2015

IRES Director Prof. Deng Yongheng Presented at the International Symposium on Housing and Financial Stability in China on the Topic of "Understanding the Risk of China’s Local Government Debts and Its Linkage with Property Markets" on December 18th - 19th, 2015 in Shenzhen, China. This international forum was co-hosted by IMF, Princeton University, and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

NUS-IRES China Real Estate Entrepreneurs Executive Training Program: 13 November 2015

On 13th Nov 2015, IRES hosted and delivered a Real Estate Entrepreneurs Executive Training Program customized to the requirements of the China Index Academy and its delegates, comprising of real estate developers and property management companies. The China Index Academy is an independent property research organization which provides property/land data and generates key market insights for its customers. The China Index Academy forms part of publicly listed Soufun which operates a leading real estate Internet portal in China.

IRES-CLC Joint Public Lecture: 12 November 2015

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) and the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) jointly organized a public lecture on 12th November, titled: “Lessons from 2008-2015: How Should Governments and Private Developers Manage Real Estate Cycles?” The lecture, held at Hotel Jen Tanglin, saw an overwhelming response of close to 300 attendees, comprising a good diverse mix of industry leaders, experts from the academia/think tanks, and policy makers from various government agencies.

Land Acquisition in India - A Panel Discussion Chaired by IRES Director Prof Deng Yongheng: 29 October 2015

IRES Director Prof Deng Yongheng was invited to ISAS’ 10th International Conference on Politics and Economics of Land in South Asia. The event was held over 2 days (29-30 Oct 2015) at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore.

China's New Urbanization Forum Series: 10 October 2015

On the morning of October 10, 2015, The Inaugural Session of China's New Urbanization Forum Series, namely Innovations in China's New Urbanization: Opportunities and Challenges was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus. This event was initiated by the Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) GLP Research Center, National University of Singapore and was jointly organized by the Zhejiang University and Soochow University.

Ecosperity Young Leaders' Dialogue: 18-19 September 2015

The NUS School of Design and Environment (SDE) and the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) jointly collaborated in organizing the Young Leaders’ Dialogue (YLD). The YLD is a track organised under the broad umbrella of Ecosperity 2015, a global forum on ‘Urbanisation: Developing Cities for a Sustainable Future’. Ecosperity 2015 is organised by Temasek, who is also the sponsor of the YLD event.

Establishment of Lum Chang Professorship

IRES has established a new Professorship focusing on the sustainable built environment in honour of the late Mr Lum Chang of the Lum Chang Group and his many contributions to society. Named the Lum Chang Professorship, the endowment fund is supported by a generous pledged gift of $2 million by the Executive Chairman of Lum Chang Holdings Mr Raymond Lum, Managing Director Mr David Lum and the Group’s construction arm Lum Chang Building Contractors.

Establishment of BEMA & NUS Real Estate Scholarships: 24 June 2015

The Building and Estate Management Alumni (BEMA) 22nd Executive Committee has committed to make a $25,000 donation in support of the Department of Real Estate’s (DRE) scholarship initiative. To commemorate the establishment of this scholarship, the gift was officially presented to DRE at BEMA’s fundraising Golf Dinner and Prize Presentation Ceremony on the 24th of June at the Raffles Country Club.

NUS-IRES Policy Forum: 25 May 2015

NUS IRES organized a Policy Forum titled “Effectiveness of Property Market Policies in Singapore and Around the World” on 25th May 2015 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. This forum brought together leading experts from the industry and the academia to provide the business community with up-to-date insights and in-depth opinions on property market policies.

NUS-IRES Research Symposium 2015: 22-23 May 2015

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) organized its sixth international symposium on May 22-23, 2015 in Singapore. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Lessons learnt, missed opportunities, history repeating itself: US housing crisis and implications for Asia”. This two-day symposium featured paper presentations and discussions on issues of real estate and housing markets and major policy shifts.

NUS-IRES Public Lecture - "What is behind the Disappointing Growth Worldwide After the Financial Crisis?": 17 March 2015

Professor Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Dean of the Graduate School of Economics and Chairman of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo will be giving public lecture on the causes of the disappointing growth worldwide after the financial crisis.

SDE Greater Good Series 2015: 13 March 2015

This year, the GGS forum was held on 13 March at the Marriott Hotel.The debate for this forum centred on the topic “Are Real Estate Price Indices Reliable?” Prof. Heng Chye Kiang kicked off the session by giving the opening address. This forum brought together a panel of distinguished speakers, Prof. Daniel McMillen, Mr Alan Cheong, Dr Lee Nai Jia and Dr Chua Yang Liang.

5th Annual Conference of Real Estate Industry in China: 14-16 January 2015

IRES Director, Professor Deng Yongheng, was invited to give the keynote speech at the 5th Annual Conference of Real Estate Industry in China, held in Sanya City, Hainan Island, China.

AREUEA Presidential Speech: 4 January 2015

Singaporean universities contribute about 40% of recent rising trend of publications on Asian topics in the top-tier real estate finance and urban economics journals – said Professor Deng Yongheng at his AREUEA Presidential Speech in Boston on 4 Jan, 2015.


Opening of Global Logistic Properties (GLP) Research Centre: 27 October 2014

A discussion forum on the role of logistics and infrastructure development in the urban Master Plan was organised by the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) to commemorate the official opening of its Global Logistic Properties (GLP) Research Centre in Suzhou, China. This forum was held on 27 Oct 2014 at the NUS Research Institute (NUSRI) in Suzhou, where the GLP Research Centre resides in.

Launch Event of Chinese Residential Land Price Indexes(CRLPI): 1 September 2014

The Institute of Real Estate Studies, National University of Singapore, Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and the Hang Lung Center for Real Estate of Tsinghua University jointly launched the NUS-Wharton-Tsinghua Chinese Residential Land Price Indexes (CRLPI) on 1 September 2014, in Beijing, China. More @ NUS News

DRE 45th anniversary-Public Lecture by Professor Liew Mun Leong to kick-start the celebration: 24 April 2014

NUS Provost’s Chair Professor (Practice) Liew Mun Leong presented the first public lecture on “Globalisation of Real Estate - The CapitaLand Experience” in conjunction with the celebration of its 45th year anniversary of Department of Real Estate, NUS on 24 April 2014. He shared his experience in transforming real estate business of CapitaLand Group, what is traditionally local business, into a global business model that has asset values of nearly S$40 billion. The public lecture held at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House was attended by more than 150 participants including industry partners, alumni and students.”

Greater Good Series Lecture by Professor Wang Shi: 16 April 2014

Prof Wang Shi, Founding Chairman of Vanke Co, Ltd, was the distinguished speaker who spoke on green development in China at the GGS on 16 April at the Shangri-La Hotel. The GGS event also featured a panel session chaired by Dr Seek Ngee Huat, Chairman of the IRES Board. The panel comprising industry veterans and academics discussed on the topic “the evolution of the real estate industry over the 45 years: retrospective and prospective”

IRES Director elected President of American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association

Professor Deng Yongheng, Director of the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies and Head of Department of Real Estate, has been elected as the 50th President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) at the AREUEA-ASSA Annual Conference 2014 in Philadelphia.

IRES-DRE Public Forum on “The Growth Story of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Since the emergence of the first REIT in Singapore in 2002, Singapore’s REIT (S-REIT) market has grown rapidly over the years. Today, there are 37 listed REITs on Singapore Exchange with a cumulative market capitalization of approximately S$47billion. This public forum will facilitate the cross-sharing of ideas and knowledge between distinguished academics and industry experts on topics that are relevant to the global market today.


IRES and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Asia Pacific Signed MOU in Shanghai: 6 June 2013

IRES signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Urban Land Institute Asia Pacific on 6 Jun 2013 at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Shanghai, attended by about 400 industry leaders from Asia's real estate, financial sector and governmental organisations. This MOU strengthens the international collaboration between NUS IRES and ULI on future research, publications and international knowledge sharing events.

IRES Research Won Best Paper Award at The 5th Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (GCREC) : 5-7 July 2013, Beijing

IRES Director Prof Yongheng Deng, Tsinghua's Prof Wu Jing and Wharton's Prof Joseph Gyourko jointly won the best paper award for their research - "Is There Evidence of a Real Estate Collateral Channel Effect on Listed Firm Investment in China?"


Inaugural IRES-ULI Forum 2012 Discussed Future Trends and Prospects for Asian Real Estate Markets

As investors worldwide try to assess the depth and duration of China's economic slowdown, more than 200 real estate industry leaders focused on the prospects for ongoing investment in emerging markets at a forum sponsored by ULI and the National University of Singapore's Institute of Real Estate Studies.

IRES Research Ranks No.1 & 2 Most Downloaded in ScienceDirect

IRES research, published in the prestigious Regional Science and Urban Economics Journal, topped the most downloaded list from SciVerse ScienceDirect in the last 90 days. ScienceDirect is a leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books. The top 2 most downloaded articles by IRES researchers and co-authors from the Wharton School and UCLA were:

1. Evaluating conditions in major Chinese housing markets, May 2012
Authors: Jing Wu | Joseph Gyourko | Yongheng Deng
Abstract: High and rising prices in Chinese housing markets have attracted global attention. Using data from the local land auction market in Beijing, IRES researchers produced a constant quality land price index for that city. Real, constant quality land values have increased by nearly 800% since the first quarter of 2003, with half that rise occurring over the past two years. State-owned enterprises controlled by the central government have played an important role in this increase.

2. Labor migration, human capital agglomeration and regional development in China, May 2012
Authors: Yuming Fu | Stuart A. Gabriel
Abstract: IRES research estimates a skill-based directional migration model to assess the effects of regional human capital agglomeration on labor migration in China. The research findings suggest the importance of human capital agglomeration benefits to disparate regional growth trajectories in China.

IRES Director, Prof Deng Yongheng, Speaks at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2012

IRES Director, Prof Deng Yongheng was invited to speak at the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos during Jan 24-29, 2012 and for his work as Chairperson of the WEF Global Agenda Council (GAC) on Real Estate 2011/12.

He spoke on the panel debating China's Economic Outlook, where the penal spent more than 45 minutes on housing and real estate related issues, and its implications on macro stability. This panel was moderated by John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief of the Economist, UK and other panelists included Hu Shuli, Editor-in-Chief of Caixin Media, China; Li Daokui, Member of the China's Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee; Stephen Roach, Senior Research Fellow from Yale University, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia; and Zhang Weiying, former Dean of Guanghua School of Management at Peking University.

At the WEF GAC Governors' meeting, Prof Deng posed as challenger to debate with Markus Brunnermeier, Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Economics from Princeton University and Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics and International Business from Stern School of Business, New York University, on issues of Reinvigorating Capital Markets for Infrastructure and Real Estate. Participants of that meeting include Michael Froman, Deputy Assistant to the US President; Bob Corker, US Senator from Tennessee; Motohisa Furukawa, Minister for National Policy, Economic and Fiscal policy, Science and Technology Policy of Japan; Erdem Basci, Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey; among other public figures and academic scholars.

Prof Deng was also a participant at the GAC meeting on Transformational Models for Infrastructure and Urban Development; BAC Boardroom Brainstorming discussion and other sessions as well, taking the opportunity to network and raise the international profile of NUS and IRES.

IRES Director Elected As First Asian Vice President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA)

Professor Deng Yongheng, Director of NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES), has been elected 2nd Vice President of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA). AREUEA is the world's leading academic association in the field of real estate finance and urban economics. The announcement was made at the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Annual conference in Chicago during January 5-8, 2012. AREUEA is a member of ASSA.

With this appointment, Professor Deng becomes the first person outside of Northern America to hold the position in the 48 years of AREUEA history. This election reflects the growing awareness and emerging trend of Asia as a new global economic center as well as a recognition of NUS's leading role in the real estate education, finance and urban economics research.

IRES PhD Candidate Li Zhiliang Selected to Attend UNPRI Young Scholars Finance Academy in Switzerland

IRES PhD candidate Li Zhiliang is one of the 15 admitted PhD students and Post-docs this year from 10 countries, and among the rare few who received full travel grant for the fourth annual international Young Scholars Finance Academy on February 5-10, 2012 in Gais, Switzerland, convened by The United Nations-Backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and Oikos foundation.

The Academy provides a platform to develop emerging researchers. Exceptional graduate students and young faculty are at the center of the programme and they will have exposure to leading academics and practitioners who provide feedback on their work and share advice about careers in the field of responsible investment. The event includes paper development workshops, professional development roundtables, guest speeches and outdoor activities in the picturesque Swiss Alps.

PhD Candidate Li Zhiliang's research among 6 winning proposals for The Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI) conference at Harvard Kennedy School

PhD candidate Li Zhiliang's research paper has been selected among 6 winning proposals by The Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI) program at the Kennedy School, Harvard University to be presented at the conference - "the Societal Function of Investment Asset Classes: Implications for Responsible Investment" on 4 Oct, 2012. This conference will break new ground in the investment and economics fields by focusing attention on the relationship between the societal functions of asset classes and the theory and practice of responsible investment. Former president of the American Finance Association, Harvard Professor of Economics Jeremy Stein will be the keynote speaker at this conference.


IRES Mgmt Board Chairman, Dr Seek Ngee Huat, Gave the Cambridge University Land Society's Annual Alastair Ross Goobey Lecture

In a rare public speaking appearance in the UK, Dr Seek Ngee Huat, who recently retired as President of GIC Real Estate, gave the above-mentioned lecture on 20 September 2011. He captured the attention of a packed audience on his reflections of over 30 years of investing in real estate around the world and commented on what might be some of the themes for the future.

IRES joins Maastricht University and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business to be the Founding Partners of FSinsight

FSinsight is a global platform where top scholars, policy makers and members of the business community can share knowledge of and experience with finance and sustainability. Recent FSinsight issue reports "substantial economic returns" on Singapore's green housing, according to a research by Deng, Li and Quigley.

Professor Deng Yongheng, Director of IRES, participates at the World Economic Forum's Summit in Abu Dhabi

Professor Deng chaired the recent Global Agenda Council at the World Economic Forum (WFE)'s Annual Summit in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) on 9-11 October 2011. He led the Council's discussions on new models for future real estate development focusing on the linkages between the real estate sector, financial markets and global macro-economic stability. New models on proactive risk management in response to real estate cycles were explored as well as new sustainable real estate development models in response to resource scarcity, shifting socioeconomic and demographic trends.

In September, Professor Deng also participated in the WEF's "Summer Davos" in Asia - Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 in Dalian, China. The theme of this year's Summer Davos meeting was "Mastering Quality Growth", where Professor Deng chaired two sessions on "Insights from Emerging Markets: Urban Development" and "New Urban Development Business Models for Greater Economic Impact."

IRES Co-Hosted 2011 Pre-WFA Summer Real Estate Symposium

The National University of Singapore (NUS) joined UC Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia, Cornell, UT-Austin, Wharton and Wisconsin to host the Pre-WFA Summer Real Estate Symposium 18-19 June 2011 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The WFA (Western Finance Association Annual Conference) is a major international finance conference.

2011 NUS-IRES Symposium on Information, Institution and Governance in Real Estate Markets (20 & 21 May 2011)

The theme for this year symposium is "Information, Institution and Governance in Real Estate Markets" which is an inclusive one that gives the opportunity for top notched scholars and thought leaders to cross-fertilize ideas on cutting-edge research and debate current issues and challenges faced in the finance and economics fields.

Awards Recognition at the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (GCREC) 2011

At this recent event on 3rd April 2011 in Hangzhou, China, Prof Deng Yongheng, Dr. Wu Jing and Dr. Liu Xueliang from the NUS IRES was awarded the first prize for Best Paper for their research on "population impact, marriage and housing market"

Assoc Professor Sing Tien Foo (IRES affiliated researcher) and Dr Lee Nai Jia from the NUS Department of Real Estate won the second prize for Best Paper - 2nd Prize for their research paper, "Inter and Intra generation consumption of housing good: Did my parents own a larger house?"


IRES Affiliated Researcher, Asst Professor Zsuzsa Huszár wins 2010 Fama-DFA prize

Assistant Professor Zsuzsa Huszár (Dept of Finance) has won the 2010 Fama-DFA prize for her paper, "The Good News In Short Interest", which examined if the absence of short selling in actively traded stocks is indicative about future returns. This paper was published in the Journal of Financial Economics (JFE) in April 2010.

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) Forum: 16 September 2010

The NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) organised an industry forum on 16 September 2010 which provided an excellent platform for eminent scholars, international experts and industry leaders to come together and consider issues surrounding the question "In 2011, Will Asian Property Markets Crash Economic Recovery?"

IRES Real Estate Industry Luncheon : Launch of the NUS Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI) : 24 March 2010

An IRES industry event comprising real estate business leaders and members of the financial community with Senior Minister-of-State for National Development and Education, Ms Grace Fu as the Guest-of-Honour and Mr. Simon Cheong, President REDAS as the Keynote Speaker.

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