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Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) is a university-level research institute established to advance multidisciplinary research in real estate and related fields. The institute promotes multidisciplinary collaboration and high-impact research on broad real estate issues in relation to finance, economics, urban development, wealth accumulation, demography, and environmental policies.
The Institute promotes excellence in real estate studies through the highest standards of research, education and outreaching. We endeavor to become the nexus of global knowledge to tackle real estate challenges for Asia and beyond.
IRES is currently developing a portfolio of real estate related cases with a focus on Asia, for education and research purposes. The areas of work include:

  • To work together with the Case Study Manager to conceptualize, develop (includes but is not limited to: sourcing for relevant information from a wide range of information sources, conducting and documenting interviews with host organizations, conducting basic research/business analysis, developing exhibits) and produce case studies relevant to the real estate industry; 
  • To conduct interviews with senior and top management to discuss complex (and confidential) business matters;


Terms and conditions

  1. IRES shall retain full proprietary and copy rights to all articles and materials developed for the institute during the period of the contract as per the terms of reference and including the duration of the extension of the contract if applicable. The agency/writer is required to furnish the Institute with the working files for all articles upon completion of the project.

  2. The stipulated cost/quotation should include all development cost, transport and handling charges unless otherwise stated.

  3. Please provide samples of written or published works when submitting your quotation.

  4. The Institute reserves the right to change the scope of the work specifications within reasonable limits. The agency/writer should be flexible in reacting to changes in requirements and in meeting our needs throughout the work period. The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject portions of the proposal when awarding the contract to the successful agency/writer.

  5. The Institute reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately if in the Institute’s reasonable judgment, the agency/writer has defaulted on or breached any of its obligations under the contract, including but not limited to unsatisfactory performance or delivery of the aforesaid services.

  6. The Institute reserves the right to refuse to consider and/or accept the lowest cost proposal without reference back to any agency.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Understanding of the Institute’s requirements as per the contents of this brief;
  2. Quality and clarity of the agency’s/writer’s proposed concept;
  3. Track record and experience of agency/writer;
  4. Cost effectiveness; and
  5. Value-added ideas and services


Submission Details

The agency/writer must submit the following:
  • A proposal
  • Track record
  • The total cost and cost breakdown (if any)


For any clarifications on the requirements, please contact:

Dr Chow Yuen Leng
DID: 66015040
Institute of Real Estate Studies
National University of Singapore
I3 Building #04-02
Singapore 119613

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