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Director's Message

Professor Deng Yoheng

Sing Tien Foo
Dean's Chair Associate Professor

Director, Institute of Real Estate Studies
Deputy Head, Department of Real Estate


Real estate is an important asset class that features prominently in many facets of the global economy. It also plays a pivotal role in the local market influencing daily life and housing choice decisions, at the individual level. Understanding the mechanics of real estate is therefore essential in ensuring better policy outcomes and the making of more informed decisions for policymakers, businesses and private individuals alike.

Set against this backdrop, the NUS Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) was established as a university-level research institute in 2007, which aims to strive to stay relevant to changing realities of the business environment, and relentlessly push the frontiers of knowledge through the publication of cutting-edge and industry relevant research.

The Institute's multidisciplinary research draws on knowledge in the fields that include urban economics, finance, housing, demography, logistics, urban development, environmental sustainability and public policies, amongst others. Through various platforms such as forums, symposiums and workshops, IRES actively engages the industry, disseminates its findings and shares insights into existing issues and trends over the horizon. It collaborates closely with other world-class research institutions and industry establishments in its single-minded and resolute pursuit in making impactful contributions to the larger community in the field of real estate.

IRES is now at a crossroad as it contemplates its next lap in advancing its vision in Singapore, Asia and beyond. In this respect, we owe a debt of gratitude to IRES’ former Director, Professor Deng Yongheng, for fostering a culture of excellence in education and research at the Institute, tirelessly working to ensure that it shines as a beacon for the next generation of leaders in real estate.

Going forward, we would be delighted if you could join us on this commitment as we journey together and make a positive impact to all in the real estate community.

Thank you.


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