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Public Lecture Series 2018

Planning Sustainable High-Density Communities
24th October 2018

Sustainability Trends Driving the Future of Real Estate
31th August 2018

Globalising the Real Estate Fund Management Business
30th May 2018

Shaping of Future Cities
23rd Mar 2018

Singapore's International Real Estate Experience and Beyond
30th Jan 2018

Nurturing Young Leaders 2018

Will we see another billion-dollar enbloc sale?
30th Oct 2018

A Project from the Heart
4th Oct 2018

The Retail Market is Imploding! ...... or is it?
20th Sep 2018

An Accidental Career in Facilities Management (FM): Reshaping and Transforming the FM Industry
4th Sep 2018

What Effects do Liquidity and Transactional Volumes have on Pricing within Global Commercial Real Estate?
23rd Aug 2018

The Impact of Technology on the Real Estate Industry
21st Aug 2018

Real Estate Agents' Preparedness for Technology Disruption
5th Apr 2018

Internationalisation of Real Estate Transactions and Real Estate Funding
22nd Mar 2018

Corporate Real Estate – An Overview
22nd Feb 2018


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